Salvation Wine Racks will fit your space, your collection and your passion for wine with a custom designed wine cellar ranging from functional simplicity to an aesthetic masterpiece.

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Individual wine bottle racks

The Cornerstone of Salvation design is our Individual Bottle Rack which we believe to be the optimum system for storing your wine for long periods when coupled with climate control.</p> <p>Our unique construction allows complete airflow around each individual bottle ensuring stability. Individual Bottle Racking can stretch from floor to ceiling and along entire walls to fill a room or simply occupy a small previously unusable cupboard space. Its flexibility offers premium storage options with maximum visual impact. And when combined with our Salvation Curved Corners the results are unparalleled.

Display wine racks with bottle feature

Salvation Display Racks highlight your most prized wine with our unique angled Bottle Display Feature. The bottle leans back into the rack displaying the label on an angle that ensures that the cork remains wet for long term cellaring of the bottle.</p> <p>A beautiful way to crown your cases in rows, our Bottle Display Feature can also be led-lit for dramatic effect. Secure and engineered to Salvation Wine Racks Specifications

Magnum bottle wine racks

While our Individual Bottle Racking will house multiple bottle sizes, its design can be manufactured to accommodate all sizes of bottles from half bottle to double magnums with ease. This allows for all of your collection to be cellared in a consistent and ideal fashion.

Burgundy bottle wine racks

Burgundy bottles will normally fit into our individual bottle racks, but our staff will liase with you if you have any special requirements.

Diamond Bins

For high turnover wine storage, Diamond Boxes are an impressive way to house multiple bottles. Whilst limited in terms of air circulation around the bottle and not recommended for extended cellaring, Diamond Bins and Boxes are a visually appealing and elegant feature for popular bottle ready for consumption.</p> <p>Manufactured from solid clear grade timber, Salvation Wine Racks ensure the highest of quality in all boxes and bins and do not use inferior timbers, laminates or short/joined lengths in the construction of our Diamonds. All boards are colour graded and matched for impressive results. Available in numerous configurations, our Salvation Diamond Bins are a common inclusion in much of our residential design.

Vertical boxes

Our vertical boxes for case storage or those odd size bottles are manufactured from select grade western red cedar boards that are grain & colour matched for maximum visual enhancement.

Wooden case storage

Salvation Wine Racks’ solid timber boxes are grain and colour matched for visual enhancement and provide a practical way of storing your latest wine purchase, elevated in its case so that they don’t consume floor space and end up under foot. Also ideal for those unusually sized bottles, Salvation Cupboards and Boxes provides a flexible answer to your storage requirements.</p> <p>Our Adjustable shelving has the added benefit of interchangeable heights that are simple and easy to adjust and employ the finest quality European hardware and fittings.

Curved corner wine racks

Salvation Wine Racks specialise in curved corner racking that utilise the dead corners of a room as a design feature. These curves allow for maximum capacity without corner congestion and snake the cellar around the room in an elegant arc.<br /> Salvation Wine Racks are able to trace both the gentle bend of a wall or the tight curve of a corner and mould uninterrupted racking around the individual nuances of your room. Curved Corners are an intricate detail that can bring a confined space alive or add warmth to a large, open expanse.</p> <p>Pleasing to the eye, a Salvation Curved Corner Rack also allows for maximised capacity.

Waterfall wine rack units

For the ultimate in large scale cellar design, consider a Salvation Waterfall Feature as a stunning addition to your space. Cascading from roof to curved, solid cedar benchtop, our waterfall features are a unique way to present your most prized bottles in full view. Supported by a double bottle bench under that reaches out into the room, a Salvation Waterfall Feature is an innovative and extravagant alternative to an island bench. Our waterfalls are completely custom design for your specific room.

Cupboard units

Salvation Wine Racks can convert any dead space that you have in your house into an attractive mini wine cellar. Consider that space under the stairs, that old pantry, the third bedroom now that the kids have left home. Our design team can meet your requirements with a wine cellar that will definitely add value to your home.

Stemware storage

Stemware storage for your wine glasses which can be located above your tasting bench or sink cupboard.

Drawers & sink cupboards

Salvation Wine Racks design and manufacture drawer units for your most precious wines. Secure in individual housings within the drawer, our units manufactured from select grade western red cedar, provide a secure storage solution that can be tailored to your specific bottle specifications.</p> <p>Salvation Wine Racks also design and build sink cupboards and units from select grade western red cedar. With additional features available like splashbacks, stemware provision and countless lighting options, Salvation Wine Racks will liase closely with your plumber and electrician for a seamless installation.

Tasting benches

Salvation celebrate a cellar’s social function as a congregation point above mere utility or storage. With each room we seek to find the perfect balance of desired capacity and elegant liveable space. And as such each cellar requires a focal point around which to gather and explore the contents of the room.</p> <p>Salvation Island Units and Tasting Benches are the perfect feature around which to entertain friends or base your cellaring software. For the larger room a Salvation Island Bench creates a centrepiece, while a Salvation Tasting Bench affords tighter room a similar function, only built into the racking.

Wine cellar doors & windows

Salvation Wine racks cabinet makers are skilled in manufacturing western red cedar wine cellar doors & windows to your special requirements.

Half bottle wine racks

Salvation wine racks can accommodate within the design of your wine cellar, provision for half bottles. They are similar in appearance to our individual wine bottle racks & will fit seamlessly into the overall appearance.

Sparkling Bottle Racks

Champagne racks are a much requested item from our previous clients to compliment their wine cellars. Our wine cellar designers will liase with you to incorporate your champagne bottle requirements.</p> <p>

Vertical boxes with adjustable shelving

Our vertical boxes with adjustable shelving are made from select grade western red cedar boards that are grain & colour matched, together with the highest quality European hardware. This enables you to mix n’ match & optimise your shelving to accommodate all of those different case/carton sizes