Salvation Wine Racks will fit your space, your collection and your passion for wine with a custom designed wine cellar ranging from functional simplicity to an aesthetic masterpiece.

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Rose Park (SA)

Rose Park is our first cellar in Adelaide and opens our movements west in unique and dramatic style. Inspired by a desire to make good use of cases and in particular French Pine Cases and their unique and distinctive labels, Rose Park has a generous allocation of case storage and adjustable shelving. This flexible feature makes this particular cellar quite amorphous and more subject to it’s contents. Rose Park still possesses significant individual bottle racking and a lit display centrepiece over long solid cedar benchtops. It will be fascinating to watch this cellar evolve over time as it is loaded. As it stands, this is a particularly attractive starting point for this unique cellar adventure.


South Australia


Western Red Cedar

Bottle capacity

2500 bottles

Completion date