Salvation Wine Racks will fit your space, your collection and your passion for wine with a custom designed wine cellar ranging from functional simplicity to an aesthetic masterpiece.

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North Shore

North Shore is another successful interstate project where capacity was of utmost importance. In order to house a large private collection, Salvation Wine Racks introduced Double Bottle Racking under beautiful solid cedar benchtops. Enclosed by a glass wall, we left the ends of our racks open so the bottles were clearly visible through the racking. A mirrored pair of waterfalls undulate down into the wine cellar & are capped in marble stone. The large Champagne Island centerpiece also features a marble top & exquisite chandelier over its span. With healthy allocation for Cases, Magnums & Champagne Bottles, North Shore’s unique lines & depth of features are well balanced. The results; stunning.


New South Wales


Western Red Cedar

Bottle capacity

3500 bottles

Completion date