Salvation Wine Racks will fit your space, your collection and your passion for wine with a custom designed wine cellar ranging from functional simplicity to an aesthetic masterpiece.

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Balwyn North

Balwyn North is a solid cedar cellar simple in appearance but masking three different ceiling heights with custom features. Two tracts of horizontal displays crown the racking on the east and west walls covering bulkheads and allowing feature bottles to sit in dedicated grooves. A large centre bench with a Cambia top matches the bench insert on the tasting shelf on the rear wall of the cellar. The timber in the cellar is graded from light to dark, left to right and bottom to top around the four walls to give an gentle wash of colour. With box storage and display racking all the way around the cellar, Balwyn North has clean lines for a room comprised of so many features. Floor to ceiling diamonds, a spirits shelf, two dedicated sparkling walls and significant bench space all contribute to a flexible and elegant wine room.



Western Red Cedar

Bottle capacity

1900 bottles

Completion date